SBS 2008, Event ID 8: The SQLBrowser service was unable to process a client request. errors

The application eventlog of your SBS 2008 server is flooding with the following error more than once a minute.

Event ID: 8
Source: SQLBrowser
Description: “The SQLBrowser service was unable to process a client request.”

I have seen this on multiple servers and it looks like the issue occurs when you install an additional SQL instance and enables the SQL Browser service. This does not occur on a standard SBS 2008 server, because the SQL browser service is disabled by default.

Solution: After some research and found all kind of possible solutions, in my cases the problem was solved by enabling Named Pipes on the protocols for SBSMONITORING within SQL Server Configuration manager. If you have more SQL instance enable Named Pipes for all instances.

To change this go to, Start, All Programs, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Configuration Tools, SQL Server Configuration Manager. Browse to SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration (32bit) select Protocols for SBSMONITORING and rightclick Named Pipes and select Enable. Repeat this for every Instance you have additional created.

Also checked this only occurs to SBS 2008 servers with SBS 2011 never seen this problem.

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5 Responses to “SBS 2008, Event ID 8: The SQLBrowser service was unable to process a client request. errors”

  1. Albert M. says:

    Thank you! It actually worked.
    It started yesterday for no reason, but the strange thing is, that SBSMONITORING service, isn’t even working!
    Still, it fixed the problem.

  2. Ofer says:

    Thanks so much. finally fixed. it was spamming my event logs. SBSMONITORING SQL service is disabled for me to.

  3. Farhan Mahboob says:

    Thanks . my problem solved

  4. Gerald Umraw says:


    Experienced this on a SBS 2011 server with an additional instance of SQL server installed. The above fix worked perfectly.



  5. Rick Bevan says:

    Thanks nice easy fix… Appreciate the help

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