SBS 2008 (exchange 2007) unable to receive mail

After migrating a Windows SBS 2003 server to a Windows SBS 2008 server no new external (internet) mail is deliverd to the new server. E-mailing internal works fine.

Solution: When you take a look in the Exchange 2007 Server Manager at server configuration, Hub Transport you see only a “Default Servername” receive connector:

SBS2008 default receive connector
Take a look at the properties and then the network tab, you probably see at receive mail from remote servers that have these IP addresses: only the internal ip addresses.

Option 1: You can change this to –

Option 2: You can recreate the “Windows SBS Internet Receive Servername” receive connector. Open a Exchange Management Shell and use the following command:
new-receiveconnector -Name “Windows SBS Internet Receive SERVER-NAME” -RemoteIPRanges,, -Bindings “” -AuthMechanism “Tls” -PermissionGroups “AnonymousUsers” -Usage “Internet” -Server “SERVER-NAME”

Change the command to your ip address in this example the server ip is

Option 2 is prefferred I’ve seen some strange problems with option 1 do’nt know for sure if this was relelated to this issue but if you can use option 2

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