Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 14 Configuring “Add a new report”

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After we have finished with Part 13 Configuring “Connect a computer to your network” we go back to the SBS console and go to the Reports section to setup reporting.

By default there are 2 reports created, 1 daily summary and 1 detailed weekly. You can change these reports as you like. For now we are going to create a new report. So choose “Add a new report” on the right Network Report Tasks section.

On the General part we give the report a name and description.

On the Content part we choose what content we want in our report.

In the E-Mail Option part we can choose if we want to e-mail the report and to who. You can choose to send it even to an e-mail address outside your organization.

On the schedule part we can choose to generate the report daily or weekly and at what time.

When finished choose OK.

Now when you select your report you have a few option on the right My report Tasks pain.

View Report properties, you can change the properties set before.

Generate report, the report is generated immediately and the results are displayed in the section below.

Generated and e-mail report, the same as previous only the report is e-mailed to the recipient(s) you have configured in your report.

View archives, you can select to view older reports.

This is a part of a summary report, where you can easy see if there are errors on your server. You see a Details option for the items you selected in your report.

And this is how a detailed report for Backup and E-Mail Usage and Mailbox Sizes look like.

So you can make as many reports and send them to different people, this could be very useful.

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7 Responses to “Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 14 Configuring “Add a new report””

  1. MrFaize says:

    Is there anyway of removing archived Reports?

  2. MrFaize says:

    Can’t see that option…

  3. MrFaize says:

    Could be that it only keeps a month of archives… will check tomorrow.

  4. MrFaize says:

    Confirmed – the archive of reports only lists the reports within the last month hence no option to purge.

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