Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 13 Configuring “Connect a computer to your network”

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After we are finished with Part 12 Configuring “Add a new user account” we go to add a new computer to our network. We go to the computer we would like to add to the network and start an internet browser. (In this case it is a Windows 7 machine with internet explorer 8.)

In the address bar of the browser we type: http://connect

The following page will open:

The webpage further describes what you can expect.

We are going to continue and click on Start Connect Computer Program

Now you will get a security warning, you can safely choose Run to continue

Choose Yes to continue

If you get this error “An error occurred during the download of Connect Computer. Please go to http://connect and try again. ” read here

Make sure you have already created the user account on the SBS server. Now we are going to add the user logged on to this computer, choose Set up this computer for myself.

If something doesn’t meet the requirements, try to solve the problem and start over. If everything is alright choose next to continue.

Enter you username and password. If you’re just a user and don’t know for sure, ask your network administrator for the username and password.

Give your client computer a name (default it will use the name already given to the computer) and you may enter a description.

The wizard can move your existing data to your domain account so you don’t have to move those files manually.

You have to confirm the data will be moved to the new domain account.

The wizard will now have to restart en will continue / finish when you log on again.

You have successful add the computer to your network.

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  2. ronnypot says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for sharing, I will update my file with links and add these links

  3. Dan says:

    How about Adding a Network Printer next….and DHCP Reservation.

  4. Taz says:


    I’m currently moving from SBS 2k3 to 2k11 (no migration, a clean install with with a new domain name) and read a lot of issues regarding moving user profiles from 2k3 to 2k11.

    Does the 2k11 CONNECT tool work to pull the data out of the ‘2k3 domain user profile’ and move it to the new domain under 2k11? I’m afraid to lose all documents and settings such as desktop files, my docs etc… username will remain the same under the new domain.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated and I thank you very much for putting together this fantastic guide!


    • ronnypot says:

      As far as I know the connect tool only moves local profiles, so no profiles from another domain. I think the only way to migrate the profiles is to search for a third party program (Altiris has a good tool called pc transplant) or maybe the User State Migration Tool can help.

  5. Vark says:

    When we connect a computer using already created user name does it automatically save profiles and user data on the server?

    On the server if I want to save all the user profiles and user data on D:/ drive instead of C:/ drive what I should I do?

    I could create a folder as D:/Users/ and want to put all the user information like profiles and any user data they create on the clients for easy backing up of the server.

    How can I accomplish this?

  6. Im now trying to add my client Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate laptop to the SBS domain but what ever option I get I always get the error ” you do not have permission to add users to this computer. you must log on as a windows SBS administrator” I have checked that is the main admin account and it is in the SBS admin group ! any help this is doing my head in ! 🙁

  7. Hi Ronny ive got a problem my brother wants to connect his laptop to our network but the SBS 2011 box does not seem to be allocating IP addresses via DHCP I don’t particuarly want to add his laptop to the SBS server is there any way around this?

  8. forget that it is working

  9. Luke Ammons says:

    We are trying to install a new computer into the network. All of the computers we have installed to the network so far have been Windows 7 Professional and everything works hunky dory just like the instructions. The current computer I am trying to install to the network is Windows 8.1 Professional. When I type in http://(computer name)/connect all I get is “the page cannot be displayed”. It can’t find the server and it is getting rather frustrating. Is there anyone that could help me? We have Windows Small Business Server 2011. Thanks in advance.


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