Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 12 Configuring “Add a new user account”

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After we are finished with Part 11 Configuring “Add a new user role” we go to the “Users and Groups” page of the SBS console and then the Users tab.

First we are going to create a new user account, choose “Add a new user account” in the task pane

Fill all fields with necessary information. All fields except Description and Phone number are required. At User role: you choose the role this user fits the most.
You can always change settings and user role later if you would like to.

Enter a password for this user, please note the password requirements.

The user account has been created successfully. You can now assign an existing computer or add a new computer. This last option has to be done on the new to add computer I will come back to that option in a later part.

When we choose Finish and return to the SBS console, we can right click a user to change all given settings.

Note!! When you are going to update the user role connected to this user all manually changed settings are lost. So think about this before changing settings to a user role.

Another nice option is to create a user set all options you would like and then choose “Add a new user role based on this user account’s properties” to create a new user role based on the settings and membership given to this particular user.

We can also add multiple user accounts at once, choose add multiple user accounts.

First choose the user role you would to connect to all the new users. Choose Add… for all users you would like to create.

Enter all necessary fields and choose OK to add the user. Repeat this for all users you would like to create. At the end choose Add user accounts to really create the user accounts.

All user accounts have been created successful. Choose Finish so we return to the SBS Console.

Another option we can do here is to change the user role for user accounts.

Choose the user role you want to add and choose if you would like to Replace or Add user permissions or settings. Note that if you choose replace all settings and membership are changed to the user role. So if the user you are going to change is already member of groups which are not part of the new user role, the will be removed from those groups.

Select the users you would like to change the user role and choose Add >> and Change user role.

User role has been changed successfully. Choose Finish to return to the SBS console.

Another option we can change is Change password policy.

These are the default settings, you can change them to your own discretion.
Please note that users will have to change their password if it doesn’t fit the new requirements anymore.

Last option on the Users tab of the SBS console is to Redirect folders for user accounts to the server.

Select the folders you want to redirect to the server. If you have enabled folder redirection on a user role then by default these folder are redirected for the users who have that particular role.

Now the users with the checkmark are member of a user role where folder redirection is enabled. But you can add folder redirection for other user manual here.

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5 Responses to “Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 12 Configuring “Add a new user account””

  1. Dan says:

    Hey I wanted to personally thank you for posting this content can you post instructions for sharepoint or SQL?

    • ronnypot says:

      Thanks! Sorry to say but sharepoint is quiet new for me, I’m trying to get some knowledge about it, so maybe I will write about it later.
      And what about SQL, I know how to install it, it;s recommended to install it as premium add-on on a separete server. But configuration all depends on what application is going to use it, maybe I use information provided by the application or the third party consultant who is install the application does the configuration.

  2. Dan says:


    how about some SQL basics I’m very new to SQL PowerShell Resource booking and SharePoint Foundation everything else I’m familiar with but I’m very happy you have taken the time to share this information.

  3. david says:

    have trouble adding users
    the first 5-10 added ok
    the last few I have tried fail to create a email and user quota and give error message
    is it connected to user cals?
    if so how many are included with sbs 2011 standard.
    I have not connected to any users yet.

    • ronnypot says:

      No user cals are only paper work, they are nowhere entered on a server and only kept in the safe.

      By default there are 5 cals included with a SBS 2011 standard oem.

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