Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 11 Configuring “Add a new user role”

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After we are finished with Part 10 Configuring “Add a new group” we go to the “Users and Groups” page of the SBS console and then the Users Roles tab.

A user role is a sort of template set of rights, group member ship and some default settings. You can use the roles to control rights, membership and settings for a group of user accounts. Also as template for creation of new user accounts so the account will have a default set of rights, membership and settings.

By default there are 3 user roles configured, Standard User, Network Administrator and Standard User with administration links. You can change or create user roles as you like.

We are going to create a new user role, choose “Add a new user role” in the task pane.

Give the user role a logical name and description. Then you have to choose if you would like to base the new role on an existing role or start from scratch.
Check “The user role appears as an option in the Add New User Account Wizard and in the Add Multiple New User Accounts Wizard” if you would like to use the new user role or uncheck if you will not give the new user role free for now.
Check “The user role is the default in the Add New User Account Wizard and in the Add Multiple New User Accounts Wizard” If you would like this role default for creation of new users.

Choose Add to add the security and distribution groups user who get this role must be member of.

Now we can choose to enforce a mailbox quota and the size of the quota or to turn off the mailbox quota. Also we can configure if members may access Outlook Web Access.

Here we can configure if these users may or may not have Remote Web Access or Virtual private network (VPN) access.

Configure if the users may or may not have Quota on Shared Folders. Also you can enable folder redirection to the server, when enabled, the local (my) documents and desktop folder will be synchronized to the server. You can choose to put a Quota on this folder as well.

The new user role was added successfully. You can now choose to directly create (multiple) new user accounts. For now we choose finish, Add a new user account will follow in the next part.

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