Windows Small Business Server 2011 installation and configuration – Part 10 Configuring “Add a new group”

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After we are finished with Part 9 Configuring “Add a new shared folder” we go to the “Users and Groups” page of the SBS console and then the Groups tab.

In the next parts we are going to create User Groups, Roles and Accounts. My advice is to start with the creation of User Groups because these groups can be used with the creation of User Roles. User Roles are a set of rights, membership and settings that can be attached to User Accounts.

Choose “Add a new group” on the tasks pane.

The wizard starts with an overview about what we are going to do.

Give the group a logical name and description. Then decide if the group is a Distribution group (used to send an e-mail message to all user accounts that belong to this group) or a Security group (used to set security and access right to files, folders and/or applications). It’s also possible to mail-enable the security group so this can also be user to send email to all members.

Add immediately user accounts as members of the group.

The new group has been created.

Now we return to the SBS Console. If you would like to change some settings, you can choose in the (right) Tasks pain.

Choose Edit group properties.

On the General part, you can change the group name or description. Also you can choose Add… to add new group members.

On the E-mail part, you can enable or disable (in case of a Security group) and set or change a e-mail address for the group and set the option receive or not receive e-mails from people outside of your organization. In the case of a security group you also have the possibility to archive the e-mail in a public folder.

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