MSExchangeTransport error, EventID: 12014 on a Exchange 2010 server

On the Exchange 2010 with the Hub Transport role installed you get several EventID 12014 errors on the MSExchangeTransport source.
“Microsoft Exchange could not find a certificate that contains the domain name mail.domain.com in the personal store on the local computer. Therefore, it is unable to support the STARTTLS SMTP verb for the connector “your send or receive Connector” with a FQDN parameter of mail.domain.com. If the connector’s FQDN is not specified, the computer’s FQDN is used. Verify the connector configuration and the installed certificates to make sure that there is a certificate with a domain name for that FQDN. If this certificate exists, run Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Services SMTP to make sure that the Microsoft Exchange Transport service has access to the certificate key.”

Solution: This error will occur when the FQDN you have entered in the send or receive connector doesn’t match with the FQDN names used at your exchange certificates.

You can change the FQDN at the connector to a name available on you certificate or install a new certificate with the right FQDN name.
It can also be that the SMTP service is not bind to the right certificate, in this case you can bind the SMTP service to the certificate using this FQDN.

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  1. D Robinson says:

    Could you direct me to where I can find the steps to install a new certificate (self-signed) with the right FQDN. I have yet to find instructions that explain how to do this on SBS 2011 using a self-signed certificate. Is there any adverse effect to having both the send and receive connector use ‘remote.domain.com’?


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