Windows update error on a fresh windows 2008 R2 install

After installing a fresh installation of windows 2008 R2 standard on a HP proliant dl380 g6 and turning on windows updates I got a error: code 80072F8F

Solution: Date and time range were not allright by default date and time on a hp proliant server are most of the time a few months in the past.

After downloaded all updates and installing arround 20 updates it stops with error: code 800F0902. 7 updates failed.

Solution: I restarted the server so the installed updates are configured. After restart I ran windows updates again and now the other updates are installed fine.

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Exchange 2010 activesync doesn’t work domain admin group members

By default members of an AD protected group like domain admins or enterprise admin cannot use microsoft activesync with a exchange 2010 server. They get a error like this: “Result: ActiveSync encountered a problem on the server. Support code: 0x85010014”.

Solution 1: Remove the protected group memberships for this account, more information about protected groups can be found here.

Solution 2: Goto active directory users and computers, turn on advanced features on the view menu. Go to the user account, security tab and tick the advanced button. After that you have to enable Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent. Now activesync will work.

Note: some rules apply every hour and will disable inheritance so you have to activesync within this time otherwise you have to repeat the step in Solution 2. When get a other device to activesync with you also have to repeat this action.

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Install froyo (Android 2.2) on a HTC Desire

This afternoon finally HTC released the froyo (Android 2.2) update for the HTC Desire. Installation of the update (90mb) went very smooth. Before downloading you get the question if you will download the install only by wi-fi. Because of the size this is preferable. Another thing to do before you start the update is to make sure you have 25mb free on your telephone, this is the internal memory not on your sd card otherwise the update won’t install. The whole installation further goes completly automatic.

The only thing what wasn’t right i ran into was that in the market at your downloads, I only saw Google maps. This issue was resolved after I restarted my phone.

One of the new features is you can install apps to your sd card in stead of the internal phone memory. Only this works for now for just a few apps, hopefully the app developers will build this function in to all apps.

Some other new features are:
– the new Jit compiler makes run a lot of apps faster, the average performance feels better
– integrated Adobe flash 10.1
– camera resolution is upgraded to 720p
– wi-fi tethering, you can use your phone as a portable hotspot
– better keyboard input and easy switching between languages (you can add other languages via settings, language / keyboard, touch input, international keyboards)
– you now can turn your screen left and right
– a flash light app
– share apps with friends
– new caller id window
– and a lot of other new option to explore
– in the gmail app you can change your account in the upper right corner by ticking you email address in stead of doing this via the menu function
– also in the gmail app, next and previous button to go fast trough your emails
– update all your installed apps automaticly

added some other new features

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