SQL Server (dbname) service won’t start after promoting the server to a domain controller

When you promote your windows member server to a domain controller the SQL Server (dbname) service won’t start anymore.

The system event log notes error even id: 7024 “The SQL Server (dbname) service terminated with service-specific error 17113 (0x42D9).”

Solution: This is because the SQL Server (dbname) service is started under the local system account, this doesn’t work on a domain controller. Start the service under a user account with enough rights.

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SQL Maintenance Plan won’t start

After creating a Maintenance Plan in SQL 2008 to create a backup or something. You’ll notice it hasn’t run by schedule. But if you copy the T-SQL and execute it as an query it qorks fine.
When you take a look at the application event log, you will see an event id: 208 on the SQLAgent$EXACTSQL source.

“SQL Server Scheduled Job ‘MaintenancePlan.Subplan_1’ (number) – Status: Failed – Invoked on: time – Message: The job failed. The Job was invoked by Schedule 9 (MaintenancePlan.Subplan_1). The last step to run was step 1 (Subplan_1).”

Solution: You have to install SQL 2008 Integration Services.
Another thing which can cause a problem is when the SQL ServerAgent service isn’t started or started with wrong credentials, make sure it’s started with user credentials that has access.

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Remote connections SQL 2008 (express) default disabled

By default you cannot make a remote connection to a SQL 2008 (express) instance. To enable this you have to make the following changes:

Start the SQL 2008 Server Configuration Manager
Set at SQL Server Services the SQL Server Browser to automatic and start the service

SQL 2008 Remote Connections

Then go to SQL Server Network Configuration and then Protocols for Instance

SQL 2008 Remote Connections

By default TCP/IP and Named Pipes are disabled, enable the services you need for remote connection. You have to set these settings for every instance you want to remotely connect to.

Now you have to restart the SQL Server Services for all changed instances.

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